Schools in Denver welcome migrant students (includes video story)

The city of Denver has seen a significant increase in migrant children, with over 2,400 new students enrolling in schools since last July.

Bryant-Webster, a school that has absorbed nearly 100 of these students, has had to make significant adjustments to accommodate this influx. 

“The vast majority of them are coming from Venezuela,” said Principal Brian Clark.  “Their stories are remarkable.” 

The school has had to adapt its teaching methods to address the language barrier, offering bilingual classes in English and Spanish. Teachers and staff have also had to make changes, translating materials and providing support for students who have experienced trauma. 

Despite the challenges, the school is continuing to adapt to the ongoing influx of new students, with plans to accommodate even more in the future. Principal Brian Clark emphasized, “We are preparing to fill every seat in the building.”

Elizabeth Garcia is a senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Pre-Law. After graduating, she aspires to enter into a career within the entertainment field as well as attend Law school.