Fear grows over AI taking jobs (includes video story)

Whether you have seen it parodied on “South Park” or critiqued in an article by The Guardianmost people have heard of and know about AI, which is generative artificial intelligence that can create new content like images and code from training data that includes instances of whatever the desired output is.

Although it has been praised by some for its ability to act as a writing assistant to those who struggle with constructing good papers, it has just as many, if not more, critics who complain that it will take away jobs. For example, there is a Checkers that is now using AI in lieu of traditional fast-food workers who take orders.

The fear of AI eliminating jobs is a legitimate concern since it mostly affects a type of worker that is already vulnerable: female laborers. Research from the University of North Carolina estimates nearly 80 percent of women could be disproportionately affected by the adoption of AI, compared to 58 percent of working men.

“There are people who will learn to use AI and they will take your job because they will become significantly more productive than you will be if you are not able to partner with an AI model,” according to Shelly Palmer, a professor of advanced media at Syracuse University.

AI also appears to be harming the creative fields. AI is said to eliminate the need for songwriters, singers and producers since there would be no need to pay them to produce content if the machine makes sounds for free.

Hannah Spence is a journalist who is most passionate about investigative, crime, and lifestyle pieces. She hopes to one day become a reporter with a reputation for giving a voice to those who struggle to find their own.