Gen Z continues to struggle to find affordable housing (includes video story)

Despite graduating from college and securing a job, many young adults are finding it increasingly challenging to move out on their own due to soaring living costs and housing market pressures.

Fabiana Zalazar graduated college, works two jobs and is getting another diploma so she can someday move out from her parents’ home.

“I’ve been trying to move out for quite some time but it’s just a little bit difficult when you are financially planning, trying to locate, paying for college, because I am paying out of pocket,” said Salazar. “I don’t have financial aid, so it’s pretty challenging already with that.”

Andrew Naylor, senior director of housing at Florida International University, said that students struggle to find housing from one semester to the next if they aren’t able to get on-campus housing.

“…Rental rates in Miami have increased astronomically as we have such a large population migrating here,” said Naylor.

Creating awareness could prompt policymakers, educational institutions and communities to address the pressing issue of housing affordability for students, ensuring that the next generation can achieve their goals without being burdened by the weight of exorbitant housing costs.

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