Sunshine Tours: Building a community on Marco Island (includes video story)

Marco Island is a hidden treasure located on the bottom of Florida. It is also home to Sunshine Tours, a waterside business owned by Rodger Parcell.

Parcell first opened up Sunshine’s doors in the ’80s with a small boat and a dream. His main motivation was to make a positive impact on people’s lives. “My favorite part about this whole experience is probably at the end of the day just seeing people that are happy and enjoy what you can do for them and how you impact their lives,” says Parcell.

The company attracts families locally and from all around the world by offering various fishing excursions and a sunset dinner cruise. 

The cruise provides a more intimate experience for those looking to make memories and share laughs on the water. It captures the true essence of Marco Island. The owner and staff are one of the main reasons customers feel so at home; they have been able to not only enjoy what Sunshine Tours has to offer but also make friends along the way.

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