Miami Heat battles San Antonio Spurs at Kaseya Center (includes video story)

The Miami Heat battled against the San Antonio Spurs last night at the Kaseya Center.

It marked the first time that 2023 first Overall Pick Victor Wembanyama played at the venue. The 7’5″ Spurs center currently leads in “Rookie of The Year” rankings and has had an impressive start to his career, garnering hype similar to that of LeBron James’ in 2003.

Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo also impressed during last night’s game.
Butler tallied his 12th triple-double as a member of the Miami Heat. Herro led all scorers with 24 points on 67% shooting. Adebayo held his own with a 20-point night. 
The Heat, who struggled until recently, have now won four of their last five games and seem to be back on track and headed for the All-Star break. They are trying to make it back to their fourth Eastern Conference Finals in five seasons.

“I have faith in this team,” shared Heat fan Robin Obergon. “I have learned not to give up on them.”

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