Little Haiti and Overtown troubled by food deserts (includes video story)

Redlining and gentrification challenge the daily life of Miami residents, and they have only intensified over time. Residents of neighborhoods like Little Haiti and Overtown encounter the pressing issue of inadequate access to essential retail outlets, particularly grocery stores, resulting in limited availability of fresh produce and other necessities. This makes them dependent on stores like Dollar Tree or Kwik Stop, which predominantly offer processed and non-perishable goods.

The disparity between these underserved neighborhoods and their wealthier counterparts, like Coral Gables or Brickell, where major retailers like Whole Foods and Publix are plentiful, highlights the frustration residents experience. Many people are obligated to travel to other areas to buy fresh and reasonably priced groceries.

The reluctance of grocery chains to establish a presence in these neighborhoods stems from concerns about profitability. Dr. Howard Frank, a professor of public policy and administration at Florida International Univeristy, said there’s an option that can help this problem.

“There are some who would argue that they can get the Dollar Trees of the world to amp up their healthy food selections,” Frank said.

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