FIU students transform Downtown Miami with ‘Let’s Get Together’ Market (includes video story)

The “Let’s Get Together” Market, situated in Skatepark Lot 11 in downtown Miami, was established by FIU students Humberto Torres and Lauren Dominguez. The founders aim to provide a creative outlet for young individuals. 

The market takes place every third Sunday of each month, bringing together vendors and vintage shops. Several of these small businesses are in their early stages, asserting that these markets offer a valuable opportunity for them to emerge from their initial stages of development.

Jasilienn Dominguez, the owner of “Baked Goods,” expresses how these markets have personally benefited her.

“As someone who is really introverted beforehand, it helps me meet a lot of new people”, said Jasilienn Dominguez. 

According to the young individuals participating in the Market, they feel a sense of community and describe the formation of new friendships along the way. 

Finally, the owners of the Market offer advice for those who wish to attend. Torres suggests, “Come out here; what else are you going to do on your third Sunday of every month.”

Virginia Tijerino is a Latina Junior majoring in Communications with a specific focus on journalism, accompanied by a minor in education. As a passionate bilingual student, she finds joy in writing and reporting stories on social events and about her community. She holds a strong passion for writing and aspires to pursue a career as a reporter.