Does Othal Wallace’s manslaughter mean “open season on cops” in Daytona? (includes video story)

When Othal Wallace was convicted of manslaughter in the killing of Daytona Beach police officer Jason Raynor last week, some members of that city’s police department were frustrated.

Mike Scudiero, executive director of the Daytona Beach officers’ union, emphasized the right of police officers to approach citizens, particularly in high-crime areas. He also highlighted the contentious nature of the case anc claimed the conviction seemed straightforward for a first-degree murder charge.

Wallace’s legal team argued that he was afraid for his life when he was confronted by Officer Raynor. Scudiero disputed this assertion and voiced skepticism that Wallace had malicious intentions.

Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood expressed displeasure with the decision, implying that it mean an “open season on cops.”