Traz Powell Stadium goes from sports to film (includes video story)

Traz Powell Stadium, a staple in the journey of future football talent, was the subject of the documentary “The Mecca: Legends of Traz Powell” by filmmaker Nicanson Guerrier released in September.

“The tradition of Traz is really just being the best version of yourself,” said Guerrier. “When you go there, you have to be great.”

Traz Powell Stadium represents the soul of the community as a place where kids growing up in difficult conditions can make a better life for themselves and their families.

“Individual greatness and the responsibility to be great are what the youth is gonna get once they go through Traz,” said Guerrier.

Job Charles is a senior studying Mass Media and Communications at FIU. He is from Haiti, plays basketball and soccer, and is interested in project management and business analytics.