The cost of living: A student dilemma (includes podcast)

On our podcast, we tackle the scary issue that recent graduates and other Gen Z and millennials are facing…a looming housing crisis. Listen in to learn more about a student’s first-hand experience and what a Miami realtor has to say about the topic.

Episode 1: Nathalia Gonzalez speaks with Juan Carlos Angulo, a Miami real estate agent, about the current housing trend, how prices are rising, and tips for anyone interested in buying a home in the near future.

Episode 2: In this episode, we have a conversation with Dahiana about the housing crisis in Miami. She shares her personal experience living in off-campus housing and she manages to balance work and school while paying the expensive rent in Miami. Tune in to hear her perspective on this pressing issue.

Nathalie Gonzalez is a Miami native and FIU senior majoring in interactive + digital media with a minor in social media + e-marketing analytics. She has her own company, Botanical Green Farms, alongside her fiancé, and plans to use all the knowledge gained to apply to their business as the marketing executive.

Alain Ramos is a Cuban-born, Miami-raised FIU student currently majoring in Digital and Interactive Media with a minor in General Marketing. After graduation, they plan on pursuing a career in the Television. Working behind the scenes, editing content, and making every show they work the best. They also plan on becoming a content creator online and starting their sho

Luria is a senior majoring in Digital Interactive Media and Communications and is amazed by how our technology and social media is growing. Working with brands and marketing their products digitally is something she finds fun and interesting. After graduation, she plans on getting experience in social media branding and digital marketing in internships before moving internationally for a career.