“Dumb Money” depicts the GameStop stock debacle (includes video story)

On Sept. 15, “Dumb Money” arrived on the big screens across the U.S. for a limited release. Big Hollywood stars like Pete Davidson, America Ferrera and Seth Rogen star in the movie, bringing a lot of people to watch the cinematic version of the GameStop stock fiasco. 

The film kicks off with Keith Gill, played by Paul Dano, going all-in on a GameStop stock that goes supernova thanks to social media. This triggers a gold rush, making others rich in a flash. But, just as the party gets wild, the millionaires crash it.

Rotten Tomatoes rated it 84% and 91% of Google users liked the movie.

Sofia Paredes is a senior major in digital communications and broadcast journalism with a concentration in E-marketing Analytics. After her studies, she plans to work for a social media agency and help businesses grow online.