The Writer’s Guild of America ends their strike (includes video story)

The 146-day strike from the Writers Guild of America concluded on Wednesday. The negotiations were a historic success.

Many of the writers’ demands for improved pay were inked on paper and then voted on unanimously by the union.

Among the noteworthy additions is the requirement for studios to implement writers’ rooms and keep them throughout the entire production process. Significant regulations restricting the use of A.I. technology were also set in place.

“We need creative people. Original, creative people are always first and foremost. I know A.I. is taking over and it’s a real big thing right now, but it’s nothing like the human brain and what we can do when we come together,” said artist Ace Liberachi.

The majority of clauses in the contract have about a three-year lifespan because the union
wanted the flexibility to consistently renegotiate.

Anthony Cruz is a freshmen majoring in Digital Media and Communications. He hopes to pursue a career in sports broadcasting.