North Miami sanctuary owner educates public on reptiles (includes video story)

Troy McKalla devotes his life to wildlife. He owns his very own private sanctuary in North Miami and brings awareness and education to his audience about his animals. In addition, McKalla shares some backstories of a few reptile friends and how they came to be under his protection.

Though the pandemic has affected small businesses, McKalla’s sanctuary is okay. “The animals have not been affected,” he said. “They continue to get fed adequately and are still getting their treatments and protection.”

McKalla assures his audience that his animals will still be around long after COVID-19. He also educates those around him through social media, giving the public a look at his wildlife sanctuary. He wants to shed light on the contributions of the wildlife.

He said, “I want to break the ignorance so there can be more of an understanding of what the animals bring into the world that we all share.”

To follow more of McKalla’s wildlife content, visit his Facebook page and follow him on Instagram and Twitter as @IrieFauna.

Correction: The headline of an earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the location of the animal sanctuary. It is in North Miami.

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