Annual boat show adds billion dollar boom to South Florida (includes video story)

The 2024 Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show concluded this past Sunday, marking the end of a highly anticipated event that plays a crucial role in driving tourism and economic growth in Miami.

Drawing in tens of thousands of visitors, the boat show has become a staple in the city’s calendar, offering enthusiasts and industry professionals alike the opportunity to explore the latest innovations in the nautical world.

Beyond its recreational allure, the boat show holds significant economic importance for South Florida, with an estimated impact exceeding $1.3 billion. This staggering figure highlights the region’s pivotal role in the boating industry, as evidenced by Florida’s status as the top state in recreational-boating economic impact.

With billions spent annually on boats, engines and accessories, and over 100,000 jobs supported by the industry, the boat show not only celebrates the joys of boating but also fuels the economic engine of the Sunshine State.

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