Miami resident travels to South America for affordable medical care (includes photo essay)

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Oscar García, a resident of Miami, begins a medical tourism trip to be treated in Tarapoto, Peru. His objective is to look for alternatives to the high prices that exist in the U.S. for medical services. In the first images, he arrives in the small town.

García wanted a checkup. He had avoided hospitals and high prices in the U.S. The photographs detail the medical treatments he received. Among them are dental prophylaxis and ultrasound, which were done on the same day.

Without a doubt, García takes advantage of every moment of his stay to find out more ways to take care of his health without incurring great expense.

Getting to the small city of Tarapoto is not easy, Oscar traveled a total of 7 hours to reach his destination. The hot weather of the city greeted him as soon as he left the airport. An advantage is that he will stay with relatives to save on other expenses.

The day after his arrival, Oscar prepares for his first appointment with the dentist. Prophylaxis in the US without insurance can cost between $75 and $200. On the other hand, in Peru, it has an approximate price of $25. Additionally, García belongs to the 15% of people who travel abroad for dental treatment, according to Statista.

The difference in mobility prices is one of the benefits of receiving treatment in a different country. The average price of a car trip in Miami with Uber Premier is $32.25. In the case of Tarapoto, Oscar can easily walk to his next appointment, or if he wants, he can take an autorickshaw for a ride that costs no more than $3.

The next medical checkup was at the IMESAN radiological center, where Oscar met with a specialist. According to the Washington Post, the average wait for an appointment with a physician for new patients is 26 days in the US. Conversely, in Peru, individuals who choose a private service can secure an appointment within less than a week, if there is availability.

For the appointment, the doctor asked Oscar to lie down on the stretcher so he could perform an ultrasound and find out if there was something wrong with any organ. In the US, a basic abdominal or pelvic ultrasound typically costs between $400 and $420 without insurance. On the other hand, in Peru, its price is between $24 and $32.

The doctor’s hand with the device rested on the patient’s abdominal area to be able to see the results on the screen in detail. During this entire procedure, the doctor explained each step he was taking and commented on the reason behind it.

The doctor explained the results of his ultrasound and told Oscar that he had a fatty liver. Then he will tell him the care he must take from now on. One of the things that García likes most is the familiarity and good treatment with which the health workers treat him.

After his stay in Tarapoto, Oscar Garcia is ready to return home by packing his suitcase. He traveled only with a carry-on to save on higher expenses when he bought the ticket. Fortunately for him, this was enough for the number of days he stayed.

In the US, a prescription from a doctor is needed for people to have access to certain medicines. In Peru, medical prescriptions are also required; however, some antibiotics do not require this condition and make access easier. That is why Oscar took advantage of the opportunity to bring medicines that would be difficult to get in Miami.

Oscar is ready to return home and goes to the counter to check-in. García leaves happy because he has spent approximately $575 on tickets and medical care alone. Which is a huge savings compared to the $400 he would have paid just for the ultrasound.

Finally, Oscar approaches his plane to return to Miami. The town’s airport is not very large, so passengers have to approach the plane and enter via stairs. This will not be the last time that Oscar travels for medical treatment because, apart from being cheap, it is also quite an experience.

Illary Centeno is a Peruvian student majoring in Digital and Interactive Media, with a minor in Marketing. She has an interest in social media management and advertising. Therefore, she would like to work in these areas to demonstrate her creative abilities. Also, Centeno would be delighted to work in an entertainment company.