Immigrants sometimes solve healthcare dilemmas by leaving (includes audio story)

Welcome to our podcast series on healthcare challenges. In the first episode, an international student discusses difficulties with health insurance in the US and why he travels back to Peru for medical check-ups. In the second one, a guest travels to her home country for medical treatment because it’s too expensive in the U.S.. Join us as we explore these important topics and seek solutions for better healthcare access.

Episode 1

In the first episode, we look at the challenges people face when they lack health insurance and are forced to return to their home countries to receive proper treatment, as well as the high cost of healthcare in the United States. Fabiana Córdoba explains why she travels so often back home. “I travel to my country of origin three to four times a year to treat the problems I have with my jaw,” she says.

Episode 2

Michel Aguilar, an international student, has had significant issues health insurance in the USA. He describes the differences that he finds with the medical service in Peru and the reasons why he travels there for medical check-ups this way: “In Peru, I get some medication that I will not get in the USA without a medical prescription,” he says.

Lina Lozano, a Colombian residing in Miami since 2016, navigates life with a strong connection to her Spanish roots. Transitioning from being a model, she’s carving her path in the artistic realm. Alongside her creative pursuits, Lina is dedicated to her academic journey, currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in Television and Production. Balancing the creative and analytical, she finds fulfillment as a banking agent at Santander Bank, seamlessly merging the best of both worlds in her daily endeavors.

Giannina Rosales Chong is a junior at FIU pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Digital Journalism. After graduation, she wishes to pursue a career in the entertainment news field as a reporter and become a writer of books about fiction.

Illary Centeno is a Peruvian student majoring in Digital and Interactive Media, with a minor in Marketing. She has an interest in social media management and advertising. Therefore, she would like to work in these areas to demonstrate her creative abilities. Also, Centeno would be delighted to work in an entertainment company.