Thursday, June 13, 2024

Angelo Ortega

Angelo Ortega is a junior majoring in digital and interactive media with a minor in marketing. After graduation, he plans on pursuing a career as a travel content creator, hoping to provide insight into different cultures and conflicts throughout the world.

Generative AI versus intellectual property (includes documentary)

Recent times highlight a transformative landscape including art and media. Generative artificial intelligence, or AI, introduced a new medium for individuals to create content...

Creative Pixels — a dive into generative AI (includes audio story)

Creative Pixels aims to explore the trends, challenges, and history of the evolving media landscape of generative artifical intelligence. This form of AI...

Generative AI sparks debate over authorship claims (includes video story)

Generative AI continues to spark controversy after the New York Times sued Microsoft and Open AI for copyright infringement last December. The emerging software...