Creative Pixels — a dive into generative AI (includes audio story)

Creative Pixels aims to explore the trends, challenges, and history of the evolving media landscape of generative artifical intelligence. This form of AI is created when software is trained to create “original” content from collected data. As the new technology grows in popularity, traditional creatives question whether it will affect their intellectual property rights and compensation while the industry reaps the benefits of expedited and efficient work. Here, we’ll discuss the pros and cons generative AI poses for today and the future.

Episode 1: George F. Pearson

Steven Ramirez chats with George F. Pearson, an adjunct professor at Florida International University. Pearson experience in journalism sheds light on how the media shapes society through his analysis of philosopher Marshall McLuhan’s media theory. In this episode, he shares that we may soon face another transformative era like the Industrial Revolution, expresses his skepticism toward generative AI, and explores the challenges the software faces.

Episode 2: Melissa Del Castillo

Steven Ramirez chats with Melissa Del Castillo, an academic librarian who developed a generative AI resource website for students at Florida International University. Her background in database research and writing conventions supports her passion for art and the rise of generative AI programs. Castillo shares her thoughts on the misconceptions surrounding the software and how it can be used as a tool refine individuals’ learning experiences and information literacy.

Angelo Ortega is a junior majoring in digital and interactive media with a minor in marketing. After graduation, he plans on pursuing a career as a travel content creator, hoping to provide insight into different cultures and conflicts throughout the world.

Steven Ramirez is a dynamic student majoring in Digital Media and Communications - Digital Interactive Media complemented by a minor in Social Media & E-Marketing Analytics. Eager to explore the intersection between technology and creativity, he plans to specialize in generative AI within the media and automation spheres. Steven aims to harness his diverse academic foundation to innovate and lead in the digital landscape.

Nayeli Membreno is a journalism and communication major with a minor in English. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, but with Argentinian roots, she brings a multicultural perspective to work. She is passionate about storytelling and enjoys keeping people informed through her writing. Her goal is to share stories, uncover the truth, and give a voice to those who need to be heard.