College students adapt to virtual internships (includes video story)

During the pandemic, most college students are stuck when it comes to internships. However, some companies have adjusted to the new reality and allowed undergraduates to work remotely. The biggest challenge has been adapting.

Nearpod social media intern Carol Chinea is an FIU senior who has been working with the company for almost two years. Her role didn’t change much after COVID-19. “If anything, now there is a lot more work,” Chinea said. “Our social media channels have just been growing so much.”

Even though she misses having one-on-one moments with her coworkers and small talk after work, she loves not having to deal with traffic and being able to make her own schedule.

Working from home has been one of the biggest perks for some of these students. Even though the experience has been a positive one, it has been a learning experience adjusting to the new normal. “Whenever you have a problem with something, instead of going to someone to ask them for a question, you have to take it upon yourself to do your own research and find that answer yourself,” Chinea says. This has made her take ownership of her work and she hopes that she can continue being challenged while learning new skills that can help her while working remotely.

Working remotely isn’t a learning experience just for students. Recruiters have also had to adapt to this new reality. E.W Scripps Company Emerging Talent Leader Chip Mahaney spoke about how his routine has changed and how much he misses not being able to meet people and visit classrooms. He also encourages students to network on LinkedIn and scour the internet for internships — even though there might not be much out there.

These have been uncertain times for everyone. However, one thing is certain: This has been a learning experience for everyone, and we are all trying to make the best of it. 

Andrea Gonzalez is a Venezuelan Broadcast Media student minoring in Social Media and E-Marketing. Since she can remember, she has always aspired to be in front of a television screen informing and entertaining people with news.

Kevin Gonzalez is a broadcast media major at FIU. He is skilled in video editing and production, and his true passion is sports. He strives to create and host his own on-air sports show and podcast.

Brea Jones, rising FIU senior, has experience writing, videography/photography, interviewing, using Adobe Software and currently works as  Promotion and Recruitment Director for FIU Student Media. She has worked with several publications and published over 30 articles; to see her profile click

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Monica is working on her broadcast journalism bachelor's degree. She loves to write and is passionate about sports, the art of interviewing and strives to become an on-air sports talent. She produces digital content and is a social media manager.