Breaking the stigma opens up autism (includes audio story)

“Breaking the Stigma” is an audio podcast space created to knock down barriers and amplify voices that advocate for those who suffer from autism.

Our goal is to inspire people on the spectrum, convey meaningful conversation, and make the community aware of this complex neurodevelopmental condition. 

In each episode, we dive into stories and insights from individuals on the autism spectrum as well as their families, advocates, and experts in the field. 

So, let’s shatter stereotypes and embrace the spectrum together.  

Alexian Hueso shares her experience raising her older son Damian Llevada, an autistic 26-year-old male. Hueso is extremely open about her son, Damian, supporting and caring for him con cariño.


Michelle Hintz and host Dennisse Diaz engage in a dynamic conversation delving into the crucial significance of timely diagnosis in supporting individuals with autism. Additionally, they explore and dismantle the bias surrounding diagnosis. Hintz is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of clinical experience who does evaluations for autism. Hintz established the Cadenza Center for Psychotherapy & the Arts to serve the valuable Miami-Dade and Broward communities.

Dennisse Diaz is a senior majoring in Digital Broadcasting Media and minoring in entrepreneurship. She is originally from Venezuela. Since her arrival to the United States in 2017, she has never stopped pursuing her dreams of becoming a news anchor, correspondent, or investigative reporter. She is passionate about traveling, photography, culture, responsible knowledge, marketing, and content creation.

Samantha Gutierrez is a student journalist majoring in Digital Communication and Media. As a bilingual reporter, she enjoys covering stories about her diverse Miami community. With a strong passion for broadcasting, she aspires to pursue a career as a multimedia journalist in South Florida.

Hermann Diehl is a Cuban Guatemalan born and raised in Miami, Florida. He is majoring in digital media and communication at Florida International University. Hermann loves to bring stories to life with videography and photography and aspires to create a production company that shoots things such as
commercials through to movies and shows.

Marcelo is a transfer student from the University of Central Florida, majoring in Digital and Interactive Media. Born in Cuba, he plans to pursue a career in videography and video editing. His experience, openness, and bilingual skills make him a valuable asset to any news organization. In addition to his expertise in video editing, he is also interested in journalism and its related industries.