Pensacola sheriff’s deputy sucked into drainage pipe (includes video story)

A Florida sheriff’s office has released dramatic video footage capturing the harrowing moment when the rescue of a trapped motorist took a frightening turn Friday.

The incident unfolded in Escambia County, near Pensacola. Sheriff’s Deputy William Hollingsworth attempted to aid the stranded driver, who was trapped in rapidly rising floodwaters. In a sudden turn of events, Hollingsworth was sucked into a drainage pipe and swept away.

Miraculously, both the officer and the driver managed to resurface and were audibly overwhelmed by their near-death experience.

“Oh my God, oh thank you Jesus, oh Jesus,” exclaimed Hollingsworth, still shaken by the incident. “It sucked me in. I have never held my breath like that in my life.”

Nicole Sued is a junior at Florida International University majoring in digital communication and media. She is a bilingual reporter who is passionate about the entertainment industry and hopes to host a television show for Telemundo.