Greynolds Park through a teacher’s eyes (includes audio interviews)

Tom Gilfoy, a teacher from North Miami Beach, has a lifelong history with Greynolds Park as both an educator and a nature lover.

In recent years, however, a number of private developers have attempted to build in the area near the park.

Greynolds Park golf course (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

It’s unclear at this point what sort of impact nearby development might have on the park, as nothing of this proposed scale has been done before.

Gilfoy has been involved in helping prevent the developments from going through, both by involvement in the public process and as an educator.

The park’s outlook mound is one of the park’s most iconic sites. It has a history that starts before the land was laid out as a park.

Why is Greynolds Park unique among other parks? Gilfoy gives us his thoughts on it.

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