Hurricane Fiona a category four after blowing through Puerto Rico and D.R. (includes video story)

Two islands have already felt the wrath of Hurricane Fiona and the devastation does not stop there. 

More than a million people have been left without running water in the Dominican Republic and 90% of Puerto Rico has no power. Both islands are currently dealing with severe flooding. Three deaths have already been reported as a result of the hurricane, and dozens more were injured or rescued by local authorities. Rainfall measured at three inches in Puerto Rico just yesterday. 

“A lot of people — more than (during) Maria — lost their houses now … lost everything in their houses because of the flooding,” says Juan Miguel Gonzalez, a business owner in Puerto Rico.

The island had not yet finished recovering from Hurricane Maria, which hit five years almost to the day of Fiona. 

The storm has since strengthened into a category four and is making its way to West Bermuda. 

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