Red Cross sends disaster relief workers to Florida (includes video story)

The American Red Cross National Capital and Greater Chesapeake Region sent more than 300 disaster relief workers to Florida to help in preparing for Hurricane Ian’s arrival and to provide assistance afterward. 

Among those who arrived from the D.C. area to lead the team of humanities is the Red Cross NCGC Regional CEO, Dale Kunce. Kunce, who has years of prior experience dealing with natural disasters, told NBC4 Washington that his team is ready to provide essential supplies to Floridians. 

“We have lots of literally tractor-trailers, 50-foot trucks full of sheltering materials to help support folks who will be evacuating,” he said. “We have blankets, and we have meals and water, all ready to go.” 

Kunce also explained the Red Cross is prepared to offer emotional support. “We have disaster mental health folks who are trained in trauma around disasters who are there to help you,” he said. “They know how to have that conversation. They know what you’re going through. I promise you, this is not their first deployment.”

The Red Cross isn’t the only emergency response team from the D.C. area to send its own down to Florida. Forty-five members of the Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue team, who are specially trained to deal with natural disasters and have been deployed all over the world for years, were also sent. 

Lidia Delgado is a senior pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Digital Communications and Media with a concentration in English. After her studies, she wishes to pursue a career in the digital journalism field.