Indie Fest brings the tunes to Miami

Indie Fest showcased local artists and vendors Wednesday night at 1306 Miami.

The event was put on by the Miami music collective Rolling Bliss and Supergold, a Fort Lauderdale band.

The night started with Pear, the youngest in the lineup with respect to both band members’ age and time as a group. They put on a set of indie originals, ballads and pop covers.

The band’s 17-year-old drummer, Rafael Pere, said he was happy for the exposure.

“It felt like a new door opened when we discovered Rolling Bliss,” he said.

The venue just north of downtown has been hosting similar shows since opening in 2016.

“It’s one of the best venues in Miami,” said P.J. Aviles, one of the artists performing that night. “Both for the atmosphere and for the set-up they give the bands.”

Aviles is a singer/songwriter who has performed at the venue before and has been performing alongside some of the festival’s bands for years.

“It’s amazing to see the guys that have been around for a while and the bands new to the scene,” Aviles said.

The event also gave a place for vendors like Miami Hooligans and RDGZ to show off their merchandise.

“Indie Fest and stuff like this is where it starts,” said Richard Rodriguez a New York photographer who has been showcasing his work in different pop-ups throughout Miami since 2016.

“This is an amazing opportunity for anyone,” he said.

Another vendor was Kenny Magundayao, showcasing his clothing line, Miami Hooligans, which he founded back in Jan. 2018.

“It’s a good energy to bring to the locals,” he said of the festival. He was also appreciative to see a gathering of people and musicians.

“This is the only way to build a community,” he said.

A one point in the night, the music died down while the next band set up. People wandered around with drinks, chatting and joking with friends and strangers.

For Dakota Reyes this was his first time at 1306 Miami. He came out to see the band Castafellas perform.

“I got to see my boys,” he said.

After the last band played their final set, the crowd swayed and moved and eventually trickled out of the venue and into the Miami night.

It was a successful night for Rolling Bliss, Sara Britto and Bella Alzate, the event’s organizers. They said they were glad fans came out to support.

“We have a lot of surprises in store,” said Alzate about what’s coming up next for Indie Fest.