Makeup artist Shirley Metellus’s work “brings out the history of my complexion” (includes video story)

As black history month begins, we celebrate creators and reflect on the African-American community’s contributions.

Makeup artist Shirley Metellus has made a career by creating face and body art. She continues to grow her social media platform with over 6,000 followers on Instagram and over 200 subscribers on YouTube.

When it comes to finding inspiration, she gets it from anywhere, even a dream. “I go to sleep, take a nap, and whatever I dream, if it’s bees, then I’ll do a whole beehive,” Metellus said.

As her platform grows, her influence grows as well. She has kept the conversation of racial injustice alive through her art, sending a powerful message. She created a Black Lives Matter photoshoot with body art.

Garlley Louis, one of Metellus’ models, posed for the shoot. “I wanted to bring out the history of my complexion,” Louis said.

To keep up with Metellus’ work and check out her prices, follow @shir.slay on Instagram and Facebook.

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