Shores voters choose Burch, Valinsky, and Charles to join Village Council

On Tuesday, Miami Shores voters elected three new council members, all of whom favor revisiting the village’s controversial development master plan.

Retired veterinarian George E. Burch finished first with just over 23 percent of the vote. Pizzeria owner Jesse Valinsky came in second with nearly 22 percent. Coming in third was Jerome Charles with just under 21 percent.

Seven candidates competed for the three seats on the village council. Under Miami Shores election rules, the top three vote-getters are elected, and each voter can choose up to three candidates when they vote. 

Both George E. Burch and Jesse Valinsky won four-year terms as the top two vote-getters. Jerome Charles will be serving a two-year term.

Burch replaces his wife, Alice Burch, on the council. She did not seek reelection, nor did council members Katia Saint Fleur and Crystal Wagar, who resigned last year.

Of Miami Shores’ 7,057 registered voters, nearly 39 percent turned out – an increase from the 25 percent who voted in the Shores’ 2021 municipal elections.

Daniella Hakim is a junior at Florida International University majoring in Digital Communication and Media with a Minor in Marketing. She looks forward to pursuing her passion for writing as a journalist and novelist.