A hidden gem in West Kendall makes it to the New York Times’ top 50 restaurants (includes video story)

Two Florida International University journalism graduates are making it big in a field many would not expect.

Harry’s Smoke and Dough, a restaurant chain co-founded by Harry and Michelle Coleman, was recently placed in the New York Times’ list of Top 50 Restaurants in the country.

The couple transitioned into their culinary careers after graduating in 2008 when a lack of jobs pushed them towards working at one of the bakeries owned by Coleman’s parents — now known as Empanada Harry’s.

More than a decade later, they were able to parlay their experiences in the kitchen and in food service to open up the popular Smokehouse right next door. 

“We’re humbled and ecstatic,” said Harry Coleman. “It’s definitely been very overwhelming with people but it’s been great. Imagine, we’re in West Kendall, very west, and we get people that are coming down from all over Miami — Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, [and] Downtown.”

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