Super Bowl Sunday snacks are impacted by inflation (includes video story)

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner and fans hosting parties are taking over grocery stores for must-have snacks for this year’s big game. The Caplin News asked fans in grocery stores to see what their essential Super Bowl snacks are.

“That’s a tough question to answer but if I had to, an absolute essential would be chicken wings,” said Joel Davila, a football fanatic. “A good Super Bowl watch party is not complete without chicken wings.”

Meanwhile another football fanatic, Praxton Smith said, “Doritos is the main snack for the Super Bowl.”

A report made by New Wells Fargo revealed that some gameday snack prices are a little cheaper than last year. Chicken wings are down 22 percent from last January, avocados are down 20 percent and steak has also gone down.

Fans will see an increase in snacks such as potato chips which are up an average of 22 percent. The average price of a two-liter soda is up to $2.13. The average price of beer is up 11 percent since last year’s big game. 

“I think that’s tragic, but I’m not surprised. The way everything has been working, gas going up, I have already seen eggs going up,” said Davila. “I’m not surprised that there are going to be certain snacks and certain things that are a little bit more expensive than others.” 

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