Here are some tips to spend less on Thanksgiving (includes video story)

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and although turkey prices have gone down it is expected that side dishes will cost you more than last year, according to a 2023 Wells Fargo Thanksgiving report

Jessica Allen, community director of Living Well and Spending Less has five tips to help lower the cost of Thanksgiving dinner this year.

First up is to create a budget and shop early. The next important step is to trim the menu and cut out side dishes that are not super popular. Choose wisely and avoid overspending on food that ends up becoming leftovers or thrown out. 

“Be realistic,” ,” says Allen. “What amount are you comfortable spending on a meal or your portion of the meal that you’re contributing to the family dinner and then stay within it.”  

Host a potluck; ask guests to bring desserts or sides to split costs. Shop smart by buying in bulk and looking for deals ahead of Thanksgiving. Avoid pre-cooked, pre-cut, and pre-made foods; consider preparing the meal yourself.

Katherine Miranda is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism with a music business certificate and dance minor. After graduation she hopes to land a job at a radio station as an art and entertainment journalist.