“The Marvels” stuns at box office with $47 million opening weekend (includes video story)

“The Marvels” claimed an estimated opening weekend box office haul of $47 million since it stormed into U.S. theaters on Nov. 10. 

The trio at the center of the action movie includes Brie Larson as “Captain Marvel,” Teyonah Parris as “Monica Rambeau” and Iman Vellani as “Kamala Khan.” Despite their encounters and shared abilities, they insist they are not a team, raising questions about their dynamic throughout the movie.

As the plot unfolds, it becomes evident the past holds the key to unraveling the mysteries at hand. Viewers were first introduced to Larson’s “Carol Danvers” in 2019’s “Captain Marvel,” set in 1995, which also featured a young “Monica Rambeau.” The subsequent 2021 streaming series, “WandaVision,” showcased Monica’s journey to obtaining her powers by navigating an extra-dimensional barrier.

Adding to the superhero lineup, the series introduced “Kamala Khan” as “Miz Marvel,” demonstrating that even heroes from Jersey City can play a crucial role in saving the world. The post-credits scene of “Miz Marvel” sets the stage for the body-switching plot that unfolds in “The Marvels,” promising a thrilling and interconnected superhero saga.

Jasmin Moncada is a senior majoring in digital communication. After her studies, she wishes to pursue a career as a journalist.