Washington D.C. is set to close Covid-19 centers at the end of March (includes video story)

Washington, D.C. Covid-19 centers officially close March 31 after President Joe Biden declared an end to the national health emergency.

Since January 2022, the centers have provided residents with vaccinations, test kits, and masks.

DC resident Barbara Dodson wonders where people will go to find accessible resources. 

“Some people don’t have transportation to get anywhere so being close to them makes it accessible to them but if they close the clinics down where are people going to go?” asked Dodson. “Their health is at stake so what are they supposed to do?” 

The district’s health department is advising people to visit their local pharmacies and doctor’s offices to get access to masks, vaccinations, and test kits.

Sabrina Beguiristain is a Florida International University student majoring in digital journalism. She is passionate about both visual and auditory media such as broadcasting and podcasts. In the near future, Sabrina hopes to produce creative forms of news to emphasize events and stories that should be shared.