A glance into an eye clinic (includes photo essay)

The photo gallery depicts the process and tools used to examine a patient’s vision. It shows how these tools help optometrists determine what prescription their patients need.

A specialist conducts an eye exam with a patient in the exam room.

These are some of the tools optometrists and eye specialists use for eye exams.

Binocular indirect ophthalmoscopes help shine light through the central hole of the eyes.

Optometrists use the applanation machine to evaluate patients during an eye exam. 

The white light is often used to look closer at the glands and make sure the cornea is not scratched.

      The eye pressure is evaluated in every visit to rule out the possibility of glaucoma disease.

The phoropter measures the eye’s refractive error to figure out the patient’s prescription.

The auto-refractor evaluates the patient’s refraction or prescription measurement automatically. 

Specialists use two monitors to document the patient’s visits.

A specialist communicates with the patient about eye care at home.

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