A mother who found peace in sound healing (includes audio story)

Patricia Esquetini is a mother who found peace in a therapy called sound healing after losing her child in a car crash on Aug 20, 2022. This accident was caused by a wrong-way driver who killed five teenagers. This happened on the Palmetto Exprressway. The teenagers were 17 to 19 years old. 

This accident was a nightmare for Patricia Esquetini, the mother of the only boy in the car crash, Giancarlo. She never thought she would recover from that night. Her friends were always there for her, though. One Sunday, her friends came over with instruments made of crystals, silver and wood. This was the moment when Esquetini says she, “found a tremendous moment of peace” with sound healing.

 Esquetini says the frequencies brought her peace and finally allowed her to be calm after losing her son. She discovered herself in a world full of new instruments and sounds. Esquetini now tries to help others with sound healing and to give them strength.

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