President of Argentina visits FIU for economics master class (includes video story)

President of Argentina Javier Milei visited Florida International University’s Biscayne Bay campus Thursday afternoon to speak about the Latin country’s political future to an audience of students, professors and community members. 

After accepting an invitation from FIU’s Jack D. Gordon Institute, Milei gave an in-depth talk, showcasing his vast knowledge of economic theory. He also spoke strongly against socialism and communism, opposing government intervention in economies. 

“If we motivate interventions, we enter into a path of uncertainty that will lead us facing socialism,” he said. “Do you want a good example? Argentina.”

The president is eager to strengthen relations between his homeland and the United States, claiming that this will create trading opportunities between the two countries and help reform Argentina’s economy.

“We have learned that the only path is the path of freedom,” said Milei. “If we embrace freedom, we will have a better future.”

Milei’s next stop on his international tour will be Austin, Texas to visit Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, on Saturday.

Valentina Gaspari is a sophomore majoring in Digital Broadcasting. A bilingual woman who enjoys traveling and covering/editing stories, Gaspari is passionate about working in the news or entertainment field as a reporter or producer after graduation.

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