Best five Cuban bakeries in Miami-Dade County

Cuban pastries such as croquetas and pastelitos are a ubiquitous treat in  Miami-Dade County and South Florida. But how do you know which one is best?

Following the introduction of these confections in the 1950s and ’60s, said the Migration Policy Institute, local bakeries have been satisfying the sweet teeth of locals and visitors. The five businesses listed below are the best in town, said their many customers, who shop at these locations frequently.

A box with tres leches, natillas, and Ñoooo from Breadman Miami Bakery. (Steven Soler/SFMN)

Breadman Miami Bakery
5804 W 20th Ave.
Hialeah 33016

Tucked away in a strip mall, Breadman Miami Bakery elevates its flavors by putting new twists on classic Cuban snacks. One of the signature desserts, Ñoooo, a Cuban twist on creme brulee, has vanilla pudding topped with burnt sugar. The pudding has a light vanilla flavor, while the burnt sugar on top adds a much-needed smokiness said Alex Vega, a native to Hialeah and frequent customer. The dessert is priced at $4.23.

Two cheese pastelitos from Los Tres Conejitos. (Steven Soler/SFMN)

Los Tres Conejitos
1912 W 60th St
Hialeah 33012

Los Tres Conejitos offers pastries for low prices, said Nomy Meneses, a big fan of the small bakery. The cheese pastelitos have a creamy, but somewhat savory taste to them, said Meneses. She thinks the two flavors mesh well and keep the pastry from being way too sweet. But it still manages to retain that classic taste while also being affordable. Two pastelitos of any flavor come out to $1.06.

A white and chocolate icing eclair, a strawberry capuchino cake, and a cabecita from Barbie Bakery. (Steven Soler/SFMN)

Barbie Bakery
3970 W 12th Ave.
Hialeah, FL 33012

Barbie Bakery serves customers cakes, coffee, and other pastries. The capuccino cakes have a sweet, strawberry filling that does not overpower the hints of vanilla from the actual cake, said Emily Rivera, who went in to get some goods for herself. She also recommended many of the other pastries in their selection, specifically their eclairs. A box of three pastries goes for $7.12.

A box of ham and cheese croquetas from Finale Bakery. (Steven Soler/SFMN)

Finale Bakery
1738 W 68th St.
Hialeah 33012

Located in a shopping center, Finale Bakery serves baked goods and sandwiches. According to Lourdes Martinez, who was picking some up for her office, their ham croquetas are seasoned properly with salt and pepper. She also thought that despite being deep fried, the pastries taste light and are not greasy. Martinez also suggested getting them for large gatherings. Most of their croquetas come are priced at $1.24, but their cod flavor comes out to $1.63.

Casablanca Bakery
590 E 4th Ave.
Hialeah 33010

Hidden away in a strip mall, Casablanca Bakery makes the most of its small location, according to frequent customer Eli Monteroso. The shop’s shortbread cookies are light and crunchy but still have a rich, buttery flavor to them. The cookies have one variant dipped in dark chocolate and another covered in sprinkles. Monteroso also recommended the cafe con leche to pair with one of their snacks.  A box of three cookies comes out to $1.06.


Steven Soler is a native to Miami who enjoys reading, writing, gaming and music. They are a student at Florida International University and plan on becoming an editor for the Miami Herald.