Literary Litigation discusses book bans at elementary and middle school levels (includes podcast)

In recent years, several school boards across the U.S. have banned over a hundred books from elementary and middle school libraries. In Florida, many school districts have banned books have as well. In Literary Litigation, we aim to shed a light on this topic.

Episode 1

School libraries are under attack more than ever. 2022 saw an unprecedented rise in school library book bans and it has continued into the new school year in 2023. On the first episode of the Literary Litigation podcast, host Ben Molko sits down with early childhood education professor Charles Bleiker to discuss the trend of public-school book bans and what impact it has moving forward.

Episode 2
Banned Books have become an epidemic, and while kids are on the front lines of those affected, their teachers aren’t far behind. Facing more restrictions than ever, how can teachers keep up? In episode two of Literary Litigation, host Ben Molko is joined by middle school teacher Caleb Maloney, who provides an in-depth look into what it’s like for teachers to deal with the bans directly.

Ben Molko is a junior at Florida International University, majoring in Digital Media and
Communications and minoring in Film. His interests lie in researching and writing about current events.

Christian Roldan is a Miami native. He is a senior majoring in digital and interactive media. After graduation, he plans on pursuing a career in graphic design/motion graphics, as it was always a lifelong interest to pursue.