Shifting goals: the Brian Hernandez story

Brian Hernandez’ journey is marked by notable events and decisions that have shaped his path. His involvement in soccer began at a young age, with 18 years dedicated to the sport. When he was 12, a coach identified his potential, monitoring his progress throughout his soccer career. His commitment to the sport led him to Inter Miami, where he was recruited at 16 years old to play on their U18/19 team. He participated in the team’s first match in South Korea.

However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered significant changes. Inter Miami’s teams were canceled, prompting Hernandez to pivot his focus toward college soccer. The coach who was recruiting Brian for Florida International University had relocated due to pandemic-related shifts but extended an invitation to Brian to join him at Boston University.

His experience at Boston University involved navigating the delicate balance between athletic pursuits and academic responsibilities. However, the plot took an unexpected twist as Hernandez delved into his brother’s business venture — a sustainable candle company named ‘With Love.’ The business is dedicated to producing environmentally friendly candles.

Through their journey with ‘With Love,’ the Hernandez brothers provide a unique glimpse into the dynamics of combining family ties with entrepreneurial endeavors.

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