Caution CrossFit prepares athletes to compete in the World CrossFit Games (includes video story)

At Caution CrossFit, patrons have the opportunity to train for and possibly participate in a worldwide competition.

CrossFit is a form of high-intensity interval training. It is a strength and conditioning workout performed at a high-intensity level. In CrossFit, there is a standard “workout of the day” that all members complete on the same day.

Caution CrossFit Fitness Facility in Miami Lakes is hosting one of the locations for the CrossFit Open Games that will be streamed online. The CrossFit Open Games are an annual worldwide competition in which beginners and professional athletes in this sporting discipline can participate.

Those who wish to participate in the CrossFit Open Games only need to pay $20 to register. The competition organizers manage the participants competing on a continental level and subsequently worldwide. All participants must perform the same workout at least once a week for three or four weeks, then the results are recorded in an application that describes their worldwide ranking.

“The open is a very challenging experience,” said Yonatan Restrepo, CrossFit professional athlete. “Each year, it is more demanding and requires that we prepare to the maximum in our gymnastic, strength and cardio capacities.”

This competition is significant for them because if they perform well, they can qualify for the World CrossFit Games, the most prominent CrossFit competition in the world. It is not only significant for athletes but also for beginners who feel highly motivated to continue in this world after competing.

The semifinals to qualify for the World CrossFit Games will begin May 28 and run until June 20. The Games will take place in Madison, Wisconsin from July 27 to Aug. 1.

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