The unwritten chapter: how censorship affects schools in Florida (includes audio story)

The Unwritten Chapter focuses on the increase of censorship in schools following new laws in Florida. We sit down with authors and organizations to see the perspective of  both sides on how the removal of certain books from schools are impacting students. Listen as we navigate the growing changes of the education system in the state.

Episode 1: Defying Censorship in Education

Michael Woodward Jr., children’s literature professor and author, breaks down the importance of having accessibility to multicultural literature in classrooms in Florida. Woodward Jr. fights for the intellectual freedom of children through the art of storytelling and discusses how he navigates the current legislature as an educator, author, and father.

Episode 2: Opening Pandora’s Box

Moms For Liberty Broward Chapter members, Sarbina Artiles and Alex Allen, explain their mission to improve the public school system in Broward County. They talk about their push to increase parental rights in classrooms for students to learn about appropriate content in schools. The members break down the types of books being challenged in schools and explain why parents should have more say in what their kids are exposed to.

Ivo Caminata is a bilingual sports journalist at Florida International University. He hopes to be a sports play-by-play announcer to bring excitement to viewers during each game. He wants to present sports in a way that gets people from all cultures to develop the same passion he feels for sports. Caminata will graduate from the Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media with a bachelor’s degree in digital and interactive media in 2024.

Isabel Marichal is a bilingual journalist at Florida International University who is passionate about the entertainment industry. Marichal studied abroad in Spain where she collaborated with Proemaid, a non-profit organization, as a social media manager to reconstruct their social media platforms and website. She is also a co-hosts on a podcast called Full Time Daughter. The podcast focuses on the journey of being in your 20s in Miami and the transitional period from childhood to womanhood.

Marichal will graduate from the Lee Caplin School of Journalism & Media with a bachelor’s degree in digital TV and multimedia production in 2024.