Five best Miami face masks for the pandemic from cafecito to “tremendo arroz con mango”

Face masks have become the new normal. Wearing them is strictly enforced around South Florida. On July 16, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez announced that individuals caught without masks could be subject to up to a $500 fine and 180 days in jail. The Miami Herald recently reported that 162 citations have been issued.

Doctors and public health experts say face-coverings prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, especially in enclosed public locations such as stores or gyms

But just because South Floridians must wear masks (and yes, they should be worn even during those crazy backyard parties) does not mean they shouldn’t embrace Miami culture. Here are the five ways to best represent the 305 with “Miami” face masks that are available for purchase.


Arroz Con Mango Face Mask
Prices start at $12.95 at Pin Pan Pun + Co

In Miami, you just know something is tremendo arroz con mango (translation: chaos) when you see it. This brand’s pages are dedicated to Cuban slang and culture as well as artwork. After the onset of COVID-19, however, the company added some Cuban flair to face masks. A hundred percent of the proceeds from Pin Pan Pun + Co’s face masks will be donated to It’s All Love Miami, an organization aiming to assist the city’s homeless community. Pin Pan Pun + Co also designed a mask that says “Do It For Abuela.” Both masks are reusable and washable.


Cuban Food Face Mask
Price starts at: $12.54 at  Redbubble

This mask has the ultimate Cuban household food staples including pan cubano and Badia Mojo marinade. Cubans and Cuban-food lovers can unite in their love for this fun face mask,  which may inspire you to stop by Vicky’s Bakery on the way home. This mask was designed by CasaLatina on Redbubble. We reached the creator, who gave her name only as “Priscilla.” 

“I wanted to express in a quirky way not only my love for food, but also to show appreciation towards Cuban people,” she said. The mask has two layers and is washable. It might be useful to keep this purchase even after the pandemic to hide the smell of the pan con bistec you had for lunch.


FIU Face Mask
Price starts at $11.98 at the FIU bookstore

Attention FIU panthers! The university is selling three-ply face masks, including a replaceable filter. These are also advertised to be reusable and washable, so they are perfect for multiple campus visits. FIU already announced that facial coverings will be required at all times (including during classes) when the university opens its campuses for fall semester. The school also sent an email stating that students will be eligible to pick up a complimentary face mask (with appointment). However, it is better to be safe than sorry. So stock up beforehand.

Cafecito Face Mask
Price starts at $10 at Martha of Miami

You can’t live in Miami and never have tried cafecito. It’s a South Florida staple. This cafecito face mask from the shop Martha of Miami is perfect if you often find yourself relying on a caffeine pick-me-up. Don’t worry, no one is judging you. Martha of Miami sells other Miami-themed face masks imprinted with phrases such as “Cuban Bred,” “Vivaporu” (a Cubanism for Vick’s Vaporub), or “Cafetera.” Brand owner Martha Valdes spoke with the Miami New Times about her goal to donate her “Tápate la boca” mask to help local hospitals.

“Powered by Croquetas” Face Mask
Price starts at $12.49 at Redbubble

Croquetas in Miami are just like pizza in New York- delicious and sold on nearly every block. If you aren’t powered by coladas or cafe con leche, this is the snack that might get you going. This face mask sold on Redbubble was designed by user ‘creativecaveman’. The bi-layer mask is perfect as it can be reused and washed. Similar designs and slogans (pastelitos, cubanita) are available at the user’s online shop.

Emma Delamo is a senior FIU student majoring in Broadcast Media. She is pursuing a minor in Social Media and E-Marketing Analytics and a second minor in Global Communication. She loves journalism and has a passion for reporting local and entertainment news.