Marytrini shines again after lockdown (includes video story)

For years, Cuban immigrant Alexis Fernández was part of a renowned drag show at Azúcar nightclub in Coral Gables. His character was part of the multicultural fabric of Miami.

But then came the pandemic in March 2020, and all the constants of Fernández’s life were canceled. He had to say goodbye temporarily to nights of dancing, heels and sequins because of the virus.

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“Many things went through my head,” he said. “‘My God! Will it be the end of the career? Do I have to reinvent myself? What do I have to do?’ And then, in that reinvention, during those eight months of confinement, I started a YouTube channel called ‘Marytrini_TV’ offering three shows a week.”

His shows are live on Sundays at 9 pm. One is called ‘Al Duro y Sin Lentejuelas’. In it, he interviews many people in the community such as heterosexuals, lawyers, transvestites, actors and friends. His subject are people with experiences and stories to tell — above all, those who can contribute to the LGBTQ community.

Fernández describes Marytrini — his character — as a mulatto woman, charismatic and daring as any woman from a neighborhood or town in Latin America. The creation of this character required a bit of work because he had to seduce audiences that come from countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Cuba and Brazil.

Two organizations, Survivors Pathway and Gay 8, funded Fernández’s initiatives during the months of uncertainty, isolation and social distance.

But today, the reality for Marytrini is different. She returned to her shows at Azúcar club after going through many uncertainties. Improvisation, charisma and entertaining the public in Miami are part of her life again.

Fabian Osorio is a Colombian-Canadian senior student at FIU pursuing a bachelor's degree in broadcast media and a master's in Spanish language journalism. He has extensive experience in coordinating social media platforms, writing, photography, and videography. After completing his bachelor’s degree, he wants to work for the Hispanic television network in Miami, becoming a strong voice for the Hispanic community.