Miami’s music scene finds variety with Slim Glasses

Slim Glasses is a band that is made up of music students who met by chance for a project at Miami-Dade College. But it wasn’t until the majority of its members started to attend classes at Florida International University’s School of Music that their sound really evolved. They took a lot of what they had learned, such as harmonies and vocal technique, and implemented it into the band. Since then, Slim Glasses has been making a name for itself all across the Miami music scene. They’ve played multiple cafes and clubs, including Luna Star Café, and even recorded a spot on “Folk and Acoustic Music” with Michael Stock on WLRN.

Their performances can last as long as four hours. Although the band has experienced a lot together, its biggest success has been developing a dynamic not only as musicians, but also as friends. According to pianist, guitarist and lead vocalist Christopher Myers, “It’s about getting to know each other personally, musically and building that relationship with each other so that no matter whether we’re performing to a crowd of 200 or just one person, we’re still speaking to them.” Bassist Patricio Acevedo even likened the group’s relationship to that of a “brotherhood.”

One thing that audiences have taken away is the band’s musical variety. From original material that ranges in genre from classic rock to folk to mashups of hit songs, there’s a little bit of something for everyone who sees their shows. The band also has plans for the future. They want to distribute their music through multiple outlets such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. They want to start touring as well.

Thanks to harmony and musical know-how, Slim Glasses has become a musical force in the Miami music scene.

Colin Miller is a broadcast media major at FIU. He is currently the host of The FIU Music Hour on WDNA-FM. He plans to further his career in radio broadcasting.

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