Night Owl Cookies founder opens new cinnamon roll spot (includes video story)

A new venture from the founder of Night Owl Cookies is opening its doors in Miami. Ten years ago, Andrew Gonzalez noticed there was a need for gourmet, convenient cookies. This concept grew to what now is Night Owl.

“I really wanted to kind of start something that really reflected who I was as a person as I was turning thirty; something a little more refined, a little more mature. I grew to love coffee, it’s been 10 years,” said Gonzalez. “So I thought cinnamon rolls and coffee.”

Now once again he is assembling a team to create and deliver a refined new take on his signature treats. New and old flavors from the cookie business have been transformed into cinnamon rolls, a move that the founder hopes will help drive business in the community that he has grown to love. Gonzalez chose the Miami location, across the street from FIU, to serve as his flagship store.

Rolled is currently in a soft opening phase, It will formally host a grand opening in December. Until then, it will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Gonzalez said he hopes everyone will love his new creation as much as he does, and that his business will serve to inspire others to “take a risk,” get out there and try doing what you love.

Samuel Rodriguez Garcia is a senior at Florida International University. Samuel hopes to bring a little more light to the world with every interaction. After graduation he will pursue a career in film making.