After losing his arm at 13, he’s now a fitness instructor promoting inclusivity (includes video story)

North Carolina native Logan Aldridge has shed light on adaptive fitness. After losing his left arm in a boating accident when he was 13 years old, he decided to turn the tragedy into motivation.

Now at 32, he specializes in teaching adaptive classes for those with special needs through online Peloton fitness courses.

He’s been a Peloton instructor for the past year and has reached over 7 million people around the world through the Peleton application. All of his classes are based on adaptive fitness, which incorporates the needs of people with varying abilities. This encouraged members of the disabled community to sign up for his Peloton classes.

“I recognized that there was an opportunity and frankly, one that I feel like is my life’s purpose,” said Aldridge. “To showcase and not let one feel limited or defined by their varying ability.”

Aldridge gives credit to his mom, who told him to see his disability as “just an arm.” This is a mantra he still uses to help others of all abilities on their fitness journeys.

Sofia Paredes is a senior major in digital communications and broadcast journalism with a concentration in E-marketing Analytics. After her studies, she plans to work for a social media agency and help businesses grow online.