President Biden pitches Build Back Better agenda (includes video story)

President Joe Biden pitched a $1.75 trillion proposal that is a significantly scaled-back version of his massive economic plan. This new scheme focuses on childcare, climate, healthcare, and more.

“It’s a framework that will create millions of jobs, grow the economy, invest in our nation and our people,” said Biden.

Without Republican support, the president hopes this version will convince hold-outs in his party on board, while on the moderate side, there is no clear deal.

Senator Kyrsten Sinema said she looks forward to getting this done at half the cost of Biden’s original Build Back Better plan. The new measure drops top priorities for progressives, including paid family and medical leave, and free community college.

Biden said, “No one got everything they wanted, including me, but that’s what compromise is.”

Biden’s entire legislative agenda is at an inflection point. Still, some progressives are frustrated with Senate moderates.

“Our trust has to be in two senators that have not, in my opinion, been very good faith actors up until this point,” said Representative Cori Bush (D;Mo.).

But there is a growing consensus over the new plan, along with support for the companion infrastructure bill.

“Our members are enthusiastic about voting for both bills when that text is ready,” said Representative Pramila Jayapal (D;Wash.).

Despite the high stakes gamble, there is confidence Biden’s full agenda will ultimately pass in both the House and the Senate.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the bill is going to pass.

Helen Acevedo is an FIU student majoring in broadcast media with a minor in political science and international relations. She is passionate about giving people a platform to tell their truths.