Remaining positive during COVID-19

What is life during quarantine? Everyone has gone through something different, but we are all surely going through a lot. My experience as a college senior took form when all classes were mandated to be online. Right around then, my work as a server at a small, family-owned restaurant in Pinecrest ended. I haven’t worked since mid-March and have officially applied for unemployment at age 22. This is something I thought I would never have to say. I have been quarantined in my apartment, where I live with my boyfriend. My goal has been to keep learning by reading books and watching new documentaries. I also strive to constantly stay creative.

I have done lots of school work. I don’t mind this too much. I also hang out with my dog Jax, take plenty of long walks, and do lots of yoga. I’ve also done some painting, made jewelry, and worked on photography. On Instagram, I have been seeing famous photographers doing shoots on FaceTime. They set them in their own closets, direct models on how to pose and angle the camera, then they screenshot and edit photos. I decided to do a few myself. It’s fun, creative and it makes for great content! 

I’m sane and comfortable at home. However, my stepfather had a medical emergency that ended up with him in the hospital and one of my closest friends has passed. I have never experienced such lows, but I am nevertheless extremely grateful for my apartment, which allows me to isolate myself from the elderly in my life so they can be safe. I am also grateful for the technology that allows me to do so much from home. FaceTime has been my best friend this quarantine. I call my mom and see her face every 10 minutes, it really helps to see her and talk to her as much as I’d like. More than anything, I am grateful that my family is safe and my stepdad is home and on his way to recovery. 

I will do my best to make the most out of this pandemic and you should all attempt to do the same.