SFMN Explainers: The Florida legislative session

Next up is a video looking at the 2020 Florida legislative session which started Jan. 14.

The 60-day sessions start in January in even years and in March in odd years. Though the reason why is somewhat unclear, it appears to be related to the fact that even-numbered years are often big election years — presidential or congressional — and state lawmakers need to be available to participate in various federal campaigns.

According to FIU political science professor Todd Makse, many states have very low salaries for legislators, so they can’t be expected to work year-round. In states with higher salaries, those lawmakers do work year-round.

During the current session, several important issues are scheduled to be discussed. These include: transparency in drug pricing, gun show regulations, teacher pay, college athlete compensation, voting rights for former felons and abortion-related issues.

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