The environment: 99 problems but the pandemic isn’t one

Every media platform seems to include information about the COVID-19 pandemic. With the constant talk of case statistics and regulations by political and public leaders, we tend to focus on how we are directly affected by the pandemic. What we don’t acknowledge is how much of an impact the pandemic has had on the environment.

Due to the quarantine, regulations have been enforced that prohibit large crowds. Many national parks were closed and scientists have noted that animals have been re-inhabiting even major tourism areas.

David Bray is a professor in the Earth and Environment Department and director of the Institute for Sustainability Science in the Latin American and Caribbean Center at Florida International University.

He lists multiple ways both the atmosphere and wildlife has managed to flourish again. Although Bray stated that the results of what will happen after the pandemic is over are “yet to be seen,” he also described methods of sustainability that could help us transition back to normal.

My name is Emely Fumero-Mendez. I am a graduating senior of FIU and an aspiring Film Producer. My passion is to bring new perspectives to light.