Transparency: How Florida law hurts trans Floridians (includes documentary)

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In this mini documentary titled “Transparency,” FIU’s own Andrew Acevedo, Hanna Silva-Dajes and William Ayure dive into how Florida’s Senate Bill 254 has had a harmful impact on trans Floridians. SB 254 prohibits gender-affirming care for anyone under the age of 18, places restrictions on adult patients accessing this care, and allows the state to take temporary custody of children who may be receiving gender-affirming care now or in the future.

Throughout this documentary, different experts such as state Rep. Anna Eskamani (D. Orlando) tell us their thoughts on the lasting impact of this bill and the outlook for the future.

“It’s definitely one of the worst I’ve ever seen, stripping away access to necessary lifesaving care to people who need it,” Eskamani states.

Members of the community, like Ari Batista, talk to us about how this law has not only affected their access to gender-affirming aare, but also how it’s affected their desire to call Florida their home.

“I don’t feel like I have a need to stay,” says Batista.

This documentary shows how with the future being so uncertain, many locals hold onto each other.

“Community is the most lifesaving care” says FIU Pride Student Union President Kaily LaChapelle.

Andrew is a senior Digital and Interactive Media major at FIU with an associate degree in Music Business. After graduation they hope to pursue creative marketing in either the fashion or independent film industries.

William Ayure is a Miami native and is now a college senior majoring in Digital Broadcasting. He currently works at Telemundo Studios as a Production Assistant and plans to grow in the company upon graduation. He has an interest in sports reporting and film.

Hannah is a senior majoring in Digital Media. With an interest in topics surrounding the
entertainment and music industry, she is interested in pursuing a career in Public Relations within those fields after graduation.